"I’ve always been a solo person, but I've seen some of these gentlemen and how they handle themselves. I knew I would be part of something bigger than me, them, and all of us. A place in which the word loyalty is tatted up to your core. It was easy to join once I learned what this was all about. Being close to eight years of being a villain, I’ve seen many changes in the protocols but not in my brothers, and that’s why I am still around to this day. Like everything, it has its good and bad, but there aren’t bad enough for me to let go of this bond I’ve created with my homies. Villain forever!"

Capture Date: February 5, 2021


"I learned about BV through social media, mainly Instagram. I was searching for beard products and came across the Bearded Villains Instagram page.

I had just recently left active duty and was missing the camaraderie I had with my guys. Learned that bv was big on brotherhood and camaraderie. I also learned that BV was big on charity and giving back to the community, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it, which was a big reason why I wanted to join."

Capture Date: March 8, 2020


"Being in bearded villains means everything. It has given me a platform to do charity work, and it has given me many loyal brothers that are now permanently a part of my life. Bearded villains offer a different perspective on life and how people can come together for the greater good of humanity."

Capture Date: April 24, 2021


"I joined bearded villains to build with like-minded individuals and have camaraderie around what unites us. The brotherhood was a great way for me to find family in friends, and i'm grateful for those who feel the same."

Capture Date: April 24, 2021



""I joined BV because my brother made me. Being a part of this brotherhood means the world to me. It gave me this platform through which i can help and serve my community. I have brothers with me who feel the same way. I believe charity and brotherhood need to go hand in hand."

Capture Date: April 23, 2021


" In 2015, I first came across bearded villains on Instagram. At that moment, I had no idea what it was. Almost 10 years later, I have gained many great friendships and memories.”

Capture Date: April 4, 2021


"Back in 2014, I was growing my beard, but I had no idea what I was doing. How to properly care for my beard. I started searching on Instagram and hashtags, which took me down the rabbit hole, and there they were, the bearded villains! I immediately noticed badass beards, but the more pictures I came across of BV brothers, I noticed there weren't any African American members, which was motivation to join BV. To become a member and show that diversity and also African American men can grow some dope beards as well! Being a part of this brotherhood is everything! We have members all over the world. It's pretty amazing how bearded villains have grown since 2014/2015. Yes, there are ups and downs. Guys have come and gone, but my foundation hasn't changed. Beards, brotherhood, charity, loyalty, and respect. I am my brother's keeper!”

Capture Date: March 7, 2021


"I joined bv305 because i wanted to believe in a great purpose. Daniel perez (captain of bv305) took the chance to show me that there are people with like-minded loyalty, which i had put away for a while because of all the shade in this world bv305 has changed my life for the better, and i am forever grateful..."

"being a part of the bearded villains brotherhood means true loyalty and respect among like-minded men. All with the same goal and purpose. It means family, love, and growth. It means having a support system by your side 24/7. It means pushing one another to be the best possible version of yourself, and it means blessing others that are less fortunate and giving back to our community."

Capture Date: April 4, 2021


“I joined BV for being a place where they care about the ordinary bearded guy. Not the models that they showed on the bearded pages. After a while, when they created chapters, I met some of the greatest guys and best of friends. After a year in the chapter, they elected me co-captain of the central Florida villains, and we saw the creation of more chapters like Orlando and Swamp Side, leaving us to represent Tampa bay. This club has allowed me to meet my best friends, who have become family, and it keeps showing me more great guys worldwide.”

Capture Date: May 29, 2021


 “I researched beard care and a beard community after growing my beard. I came across a beard club with local ties and wanted to learn more about beard men in my area. Once I realized what it was, the mission statement caught my attention. The part that caught my attention most was “charity and kindness” to know men were actually out there hoping to make a difference in this world and coming from all walks of life. That is why I joined BV. “

Capture Date: April 25, 2024


“I first learned of BV in 2015 while scrolling through Instagram. I immediately started messaging ranking members of NCBV and knew there was a beard competition. Not only would the local brothers be participating, but other chapters from Cali would also be present. This would be a perfect opportunity to meet these guys face-to-face.

I bought a ticket to the event…and the rest is history.

That day, I met numerous BV members from 3 different chapters, which solidified my decision to become a Villain.”

Capture Date: April 26, 2024

““Always remember why you started, stay loyal, keep it 100% and be the change you want to see.””

Who Are We - In 2015 I had a vision, to gather this group of tatted bearded guys from Miami and change our community. The question that is asked why would crazy looking bearded individuals want to give up their time to help others? Well, that’s just it. It is crazy, and that’s what makes our bond that much more incredible. These men bought in to the vision. Making it not only possible, but so much better than I ever imagined. We’ve changed so many lives together. From helping kids with cancer, to feeding the homeless, providing less fortunate kids with school supplies and most of all providing hope to our community, that no matter how crazy, bearded and tatted one may look, good people still exist in this world. We came together to help and inspire, and along the way we became family. I owe my life to these gentlemen, they gave me a sense of being, a reason to be who I am no matter how hard it gets. So, when you see me be so passionate about my club, about Bearded Villains, now you know why. This is my lifeline."


– Daniel Perez, Prez of Miami Villains (BV305)