La Identidad de Ella (The Identity of Her) explores the multiple identities of Anna through the self-expression of her identity during a time of isolation and the years to follow. Through the documentary style, this series exports the visual narrative of Anna’s identity: (teenager, daughter, sister, student, and photographer) and how her identity is defined and expressed.

The focus of this series visually communicates the identities of an American urban teenager from a non-self-visual narrative by exploring the ideas of social identities as labels and a form of empowerment centralized on not just the identity of a teenager but the environment and the interpersonal relationships that shape one’s identity.

This series captures a daughter's life through her mother's lens.
What is identity?
How does one define their identity?
How does society affect identity?
Why are identities important to who we are?

These questions may be simple, but the answers can be very complex and are deeply rooted within the reflections of all of us from birth to death. Identity affects all aspects of our lives, and identity defines who we are as a person, from clothing, music, friendships, family, education, and life goals; these are all elements that impact our identity. As a teenager growing up with social media, identity has become the essence of who one is and how one defines themselves towards society. Each physical aspect is a connection to our identities.