BEARDED AMERICA is a documentary project that delves into the subculture of beard social clubs in the United States. It explores the relationships formed between strangers who share a common interest. Through portraits and still-life photography, this series will provide an in-depth look into the world of one of the largest social clubs, the Bearded Villains.

The Bearded Villains was established in 2014 as a social club to unite bearded men from different cultures, races, and creeds in a brotherhood devoted to loyalty, honor, and respect toward all people. With over 165 chapters in 36 countries, this group of men is dedicated to various activities that support their local community through the foundations of respect and loyalty towards the brotherhood.

This photo documentation focuses on strangers who have formed a closely knit community through a visual narration around the club's foundational concepts of Family, Charity, Loyalty, and Brotherhood. This project aims to communicate the essential values of the brotherhood that have allowed these men to interact as a community. The Bearded Villains was founded through the context of social media and has since developed into a worldwide phenomenon.

As a female photographer documenting a male-dominated community, I bring a unique and valuable angle to the storytelling process. My insider-outsider perspective enables me to navigate these spaces with sensitivity and insight that may be absent from someone deeply embedded within the community. I recognize that my role as a storyteller is to represent the Bearded Villains community's cultural narratives accurately. By immersing myself in their world and giving voice to their experiences, I can create a more nuanced and authentic portrayal of their brotherhood. Empowering community members to share their stories and provide a female perspective is crucial. By allowing them to speak for themselves and actively involving them in the storytelling process, we can ensure their voices are heard and their agency is respected. My passion for the project and dedication to capturing the essence of the Bearded Villains community will shine through in the imagery. As a female photographer, I offer a fresh perspective and an opportunity to challenge traditional narratives surrounding masculinity and male-dominated spaces. This is an opportunity to tell their stories with empathy, respect, and authenticity.


Bearded America: A New Generation of Social Clubs tells a visual story of how strangers with one common interest came together through social media to form a close community of friends and family. Through a narrative subject matter focusing on the Brotherhood, this series tells the story of the culture and community around beard social clubs. Using the form of photo documentation will allow this project to provide a perspective on how social clubs positively impact society and give the viewers a visual story that will allow an open dialog about the importance of culture and community that aim to break away from the social stereotypes surrounding men's social clubs and using a linguistic-based concept to depicts the story of Bearded Villains' social clubs within America and introduces a different side of social clubs by focusing on the community and culture of chapters from the Bearded Villains brotherhood.

Society's perception of men's social clubs has often been tainted by negative stereotypes, leading to misunderstandings between groups and individuals. These misconceptions have given rise to misleading portrayals of these clubs in broader society, potentially damaging the representation of social club culture. Bearded men have historically been a prominent presence in society, with generations cultivating facial hair for reasons ranging from practicality to symbolism. However, as societal trends evolve, so does the significance attached to facial hair. What was once merely a physical attribute has transformed into a potent symbol of identity, culture, and community, particularly within urban spaces across America. With the advent of social media, the concept of having a beard has evolved into a lifestyle, fostering the emergence of a subculture centered around facial hair. Consequently, what initially served as protection has become a focal point for social clubs united by their shared interest in facial hair.

In 2015, my partner introduced me to the Bearded Villains social club. As I watched my partner become increasingly involved, I gained insight into the community's structure and purpose. Despite its designation as a men's social club, I was drawn to it, embracing this new facet of my partner's life. In time, I became deeply invested in the Brotherhood, documenting its evolution as the women partners of the men also became integral to the community.

This project offers a unique perspective, narrating the story of a Brotherhood of men through a female perspective. With a personal connection to the Brotherhood, I've been granted access to their inner spaces. Through my observations, I've witnessed the bonds and interactions these men have forged, each contributing to their brothers' growth, confidence, and mutual appreciation. Moreover, this Brotherhood has afforded my partner and me the opportunity to forge connections with individuals from across the United States, resulting in enduring friendships. Today, I proudly consider this Brotherhood of Men as my own family.

"Bearded America: A New Generation of Social Clubs" documents the spaces these men inhabit and the personal journeys that impact individuals and the brotherhood.